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    MOTTOHarmony,Integrity,Cultivation,Paragon With concord of sweet sounds of everything under the sun, highest perfection of virtues is reached; with constant and concerted efforts directed towards moral integrity and academic excellence, great talents graced with every honor are well cultivated.


    MISSIONZYUs mission is to cultivate superior-quality citizens of global vision.


    ASPIRATIONZYUs aspiration is to build itself into a prestigious and time-honored private university in China.


    GUIDELINESZYU shall follow the socialist direction, observe the law of higher education development, obey the university Charter, implement the university motto, take the cultivation of students’ morality and talents as its essential task, pursue the strategy of invigorating the university with outstanding quality teaching and research as well as strengthening the university with distinctive and noteworthy features, and strive to turn the university into a first-class private university with first-class disciplines and remarkable internationalized characteristics.


    TYPE: ZYU is an application-oriented foreign languages university.


    EDUCATION LEVEL: ZYU provides high quality bachelors degree programs and has drawn up a feasible plan for masters degreeprograms.


    EDUCATION OBJECTIVES: ZYU shall cultivate applied talents of great virtues and moral integrity, of considerable expertise, of outstanding abilities in cross-cultural communication, in practical innovation, in global vision and in strong patriotism, coupled with a readiness to participate in international cooperation and competitions.


    EDUCATION CHARACTERISTICS:The student-centered theory shall be put into practice. The bilingual applied talents of global vision shall be cultivated by effectively integrating foreign language education with professional training, combining theoretical teaching with practice, and uniting local education with international programs.


    DISCIPLINES AND PROGRAMS: With Literature as the main body, Economics and Management as the wings, and foreign languages as the characteristics, ZYU prioritises the coordinated development of multiple disciplines and programs.


    SERVICE ORIENTATION: Located in Zhejiang Province, ZYU aims at serving the whole country, in addition to identifying and satisfying the needs of the world.

    浙ICP備05014601號 電話:0575-89172457、0575-89114457 地址:浙江省紹興市越城區群賢中路2801號(鏡湖校區) 會稽路428號(稽山校區)
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